Sunday, August 3, 2008


I can't believe its already August. Time is flying by...the Olympics open in five days! Since I last posted I have been to Salt Lake for a 10k, and Charlevoix, MI for a Mile. The 10k shredded my feet with blisters but went well considering it was 10,000 meters of running. I had plans be in Halifax today for another Mile race but when I arrived at the airport yesterday they had cancelled the flights and weren't able to get me there in time for the race today. That is the first time in my life where a trip just didn't even happen at all.

Other big news is that Joanne and Caroline are moving back to Michigan. It will make for some changes and adjustments but all very worth it. Also, I am almost for sure now, the assistant XC coach at Okemos High School. I am really excited to put some of my coaching ideas into use, and I think the kids will have a good time with it.

If anybody does Facebook and I haven't found you yet let me know and we can 'be friends'.

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Kaipo said...

Aloha Braddah, i just looked at the pics...they are great. caroline is a cutie. hope things are going well with you. ty and mai are in hawaii. jared and shelly moved to a beach house that is 38 steps to the sandy beach on laie bay. can't wait to go visit. the xc kids will definitely benefit from your experiences and i know you will be a great coach. if you guys are looking for fundraising...think noble christmas trees...aloha love joyce and danny