Sunday, May 25, 2008

A month later...

Turns out I'm not much better at keeping this up to date than I am with calling people. The month of May has flown by as they all seem to do. Last weekend I was L.A. for a meet. I rabbited for 1150m and was happy with it.

I also got to hang out with Scott and Katie for an afternoon/evening which was a good time. Next weekend I am off to the 'Big Apple' for a meet on the 31st. The TV times are on this link:
The meet homepage is here:
Event schedule/results:
Start lists:

It is going to be a night race so conditions should be ideal. I'm trying to run 3:36.59 or better. After the meet I am heading down to Boston for the week to see my little girl. She is nearly two and a half years old now and talking like crazy. I can't wait to see her and I will post pics on my Picassa site after I get back.

Otherwise I am still working part time at the shoe store, Playmakers, and spending a lot of time with our running form clinic which we are working to expand to summer camps, a video, a book, and all sorts of other things.